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Supporting those who support others through PEER BASED RECOVERY SUPPORT,

Dedicated Recovery Coaching


Lived Experience

The most well intentioned advice never has the same impact as someone sharing their own experiences with substance use and recovery.  Recovery Coaches bring lived experience and learned skills to a relationship that has the power to increase potential for a successful migration from a culture of addiction to a culture of recovery.

Recovery Resources

Recovery Coaches are vast encyclopedias of resources for people in or seeking recovery.  Coaches facilitate their participants in accessing resources and services, from treatment options to recovery housing, which can be very overwhelming even for the healthiest of individuals.  We walk this journey with you!

Motivation and Cheerleading

People in early recovery are often the subjects of stigma, resentments and lack of self esteem and belief in themselves to be able to attain and/or sustain recovery.  Recovery Coaches understand this and use a strengths based, person first, person directed approach to helping people.  We are always there with an "atta girl" or "atta boy", celebrating the smallest of victories and the grand successes.

Connection to Recovery Pathways and Communities

Recovery Coaches understand that different people will respond differently to different pathways to recovery.  We have a working understanding of many pathways and can introduce the newly recovering person to what might best suit them and then help them engage, through introductions and events, to the larger recovering community at large.

Problem Solving

From how to write a resume to applying to college, Recovery Coaches are there, to guide and assist in tasks that can be very daunting to a person in early recovery.  These undertakings can be more easily managed with an empathetic and compassionate Coach by your side!