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Supporting those who support others through PEER BASED RECOVERY SUPPORT,

Public Speaking

Peer Recovery Support Services

What are Peer Recovery Support Services?  How does it work?  Is it successful?  We have answers!

Peer Recovery Support Specialists/Recovery Coaches

Not clear on what this new Peer Recovery Coach/Peer Recovery Support Specialist is really all about?  Let us share with you.  Any size group!

Recovery - A New Era!

Things are changing... The language - Person First.  The focus - Recovery, not disease.  The approach - Strengths based, person centered,  The models - Harm Reduction, Certified Peer Support and a Respectful Model of Helping!  Want to learn more?

Recovery Language and Stigma

The language we use colors our own perceptions as well as those of others where substance use disorders are concerned.  Learn more about dismantling stigma through language!

Rural Recovery

Rural areas present their own unique challenges when it comes to Peer Recovery service provision.  We have experience in creating recovery infrastructure in rural Texas.  We can help you!

Recovery Stories

The stories of men and women in recovery are nothing short of heroic!  We are prepared to provide speakers for your event who can tell a personal story of recovery from substance use disorders.