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Supporting those who support others through PEER BASED RECOVERY SUPPORT,

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Recovery Coaching


Everyone can benefit from the motivation, cheerleading and problem solving help that comes from having a coach.  Recovery Coaches support others in recovery, or seeking recovery, by leveraging the coach's lived experience, training and skills, knowledge of recovery and community resources and a whole lot of encouragement and cheerleading!

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Get your team ready for Medicaid and other insurance reimbursements for certified Peer Recovery Specialist provided services.

Legislation passed the TX House and  Senate that will extend the number of payers reimbursing for these evidence based services.  Don't miss out!!

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Being so new, relatively speaking, Recovery Coaching and Recovery Support Services may be areas you are not completely familiar with.  We can help you implement a seamless and effective program, tailored to your organization's nuances.

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Jana Magee, PRS, Trainer

Jana Magee has spent the last 9 years immersed in the world of Peer Recovery Support.  She is passionate about this work because Peer Recovery Support is effective and evidence based!

Jana is a woman in long term recovery and what that means to her is that she has not been addicted to any substances since April 5, 2003.  She brings her experiences with SUD (substance use disorders) and recovery from addiction to all she meets and serves

Iana was trained to be a Recovery Coach in January, 2011 and immediately began using her  lived experiences and skills to support individuals in jail, prison and treatment.  She was certified as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRS) by the state of TX in 2013 and to train others to fill this important role in September of 2014. Jana has conducted in excess of 30 trainings over the course of her career and has added additional trainings to her offerings.

Jana was hired by the Council on Recovery in 2014 to implement a new Recovery Support Services program, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services of TX, and managed that program until 2017.  She has a keen understanding of what works, what doesn't and how important it is to meet someone where they are.  Please reach out if you have any questions Jana can answer.  Jana Magee is a valuable resource and wants to work with you!